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VIP Chartres and its Cathedral 5 hours

Would you like to experience a special VIP treatment during your VIP Chartres and its Cathedral tour?

VIP Tours will give you full satisfaction taking you on this unforgettable journey of 5 hours to Chartres that will introduce you to the “Capital of Light and Perfume” and the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres: one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the world.

Your personal, licensed driver-guide who is a specialist of the history of Chartres and its Cathedral will pick you up at your hotel in a luxurious Mercedes minivan or car and will tailor your tour to your specific wishes and needs.

During the VIP Chartres and its Cathedral tour, on the way (1 hour of driving), your personal driver-guide will give you first an introduction to the history of Chartres and its cathedral. You will begin by a nice stroll in the old medieval town before enjoying a private guided visit of the Cathedral. It was built over a 26-year period after the fire of 1194. Several other churches and an earlier cathedral had already stood in the same location when work on the current cathedral started, including an impressive roman style cathedral which remains can be seen predominantly in the crypt and the West towers. Ornamented with over four thousand sculptures, the cathedral has been an important destination for travelers since the 12th C many of whom that come to venerate its famous relic: the “Santa Camisa” (the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary at Christ’s birth), the others that come to admire the remarkable collection of 176 stain-glass windows that create a relatively dark but richly colored interior in which the light filtering through the myriad narrative and symbolic windows is a main source of illumination. (Some myths believe that nowadays people cannot create anymore the same blue color called “Chartres blue” which dominates the windows of Chartres).

The labyrinth, in the center of the nave, one of the biggest labyrinth ever built in French cathedrals and the crypt beneath the cathedral are 2 other “not to miss” attractions inside before focusing on the outstanding architectural structure:  the cathedral towers built in different styles, the façade with the detailed sculptures and statues, the astronomical clock of the 15thC, the nave and flying buttresses and the bishops garden where you can enjoy the view over the old city and the labyrinth garden of the 18th C.

At the end of this the journey, your guide will drive you back to your hotel.

This tour due to the VIP treatment that we provide will leave you without doubt outstanding memories of your day in Chartres.

(Entrance tickets included)