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Written by Clément Renier on December 15, 2015

The four of us booked a day-long private tour to Normany, and a similar tour to the Champagne Region. Our guide on both tours was Milun, who was extremely knowledgable and most accommodating to all of our needs and preferences. I would highly recommend VIP’s private tour option, rather than a group tour, as we were able to personalize our itinerary to focus on our individual interests, rather than being on a structured group tour with no options. Although more expensive, it was well worth the price. Why waste our limited time visiting attractions that hold no particular interest to us?? Speaking of time, Milun made certain that we saw everything we came to see, regardless of the hour. During the Normandy Tour, which was supposed to last twelve hours, he quite happily spent at least an hour and a half more than we were were entitled to. It is obvious that VIP Tours places a high premium on customer satisfaction. Prior to our trip, VIP’s booking agent, Clement, became our “go to” guy for everything. We chose our Paris hotel on his recommendastion, which was an absolute gem, and even arranged for airport transfers. I would highly recommend VIP Tours to anyone who values personalized service and appreciates VIP treatment.

Bill A.

Murrysville Pennsylvania

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